The first Highland Lynx kittens were born at Timberline Cattery in N.C. in 1995 by crossing the Desert Lynx and Jungle Curl Cats.

Jungle Curls are a hybrid mix of domestic curled ear cats (ie. the American Curl) with the African Jungle cat. Desert Lynx cats are believed to have originated from domestic and wild crosses. logo12

Breeders who take the Highland Lynx seriously choose their cats carefully in order to breed sweet, loving kittens.

Besides being affectionate and outgoing the Highland Lynx also gets along well with children and other pets when introduced properly. They are very smart and trainable.

Though they are now quite a few generations removed from any possible wild ancestry the Highland Lynx has the appearance and size of a more exotic cat. They are a larger than average, muscular cat with long hind legs. An average domestic cat weighs somewhere between 6 to 12 lbs. Highland Lynx cats are not mature till they are 2-3yrs. and the females are aprox. 7-13lbs. and adult males weigh 10-20 lbs. average.

Highland Lynx catThe Highland Lynx is nothing if not wonderfully unique. They can have tightly curled ears or barely curled ears; short, long or medium hair; polydactyl paws (extra toes), or the normal # of 5 front, 4 back. Their tails can be long or short (many breeders dock/cut the tail short); eyes gold, green, blue, etc. and they come in a gorgeous range of colors and coat patterns!

We consider DECLAWING to be inhumane and unacceptable under any condition!!!!!