Highland Lynx breederThank you so much for visiting Land of the Lynx. We are a hobby Highland Lynx breeders in KY and are excited to be able to share our Highland Lynx cats and kittens with you! We first fell in love with this breed when our military son had to deploy and we agreed to adopt his beautiful Desert Lynx cat, Lexi. It did not take long as we began to research before we came across the Highland Lynx…and were hooked! What stunning and wonderful cats they are!

We are a close, fun loving family who care about people and animals. We live in a modest home in a small town in Kentucky. We love Jesus and do our best to live by Gods word, though our lives are always a work in progress. We believe real happiness has nothing to do with money, power or possessions, and everything to do with being at peace with God, and trying to help those around us. Highland Lynx Breeder

Careful consideration and a lot of planning and praying led us to begin a small Highland Lynx breeding program. And small is the way we plan to stay. Our cats are treated like family; live in our home with us and we even utilize a pet nutritional consultant for them. They are very intelligent and playful and it is great fun to watch them play fetch! Our furr babies are truly loved and very spoiled. If you ever have one you will understand how magnificent they are. We truly love this breed.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us and we will do our best to find the answer and get back to you.

Lots of Purrs,
Rebecca and Family