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Welcome to the Land of the Lynx; the land of the beautiful and exotic Highland Lynx cat! On these pages you will find Highland Lynx kittens for sale and wild looking exotic cats as well as information about the Highland Lynx and it’s origins.

Pricing & Other Details

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Thank you for considering a Land of the Lynx Kitten as the next addition to your family!  ***PLEASE NOTE: All of our kittens are sold as PETS ONLY and will be spayed/neutered before leaving!! We are... READ MORE

Kittens For Sale

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HIGHLAND LYNX KITTENS For Sale!   We are excited to announce that we have two gorgeous kittens available! One Highland Lynx snow leopard female and one Desert Lynx mink Leopard male available! Queen... READ MORE

Gallery of Kittens

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Someday soon we hope to have many new and past baby pictures to post on this page, but for now we are just going to share baby pictures of our own Highland Lynx... READ MORE

King Sebastian

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  King Sebastian, Our beautiful mink marble Highland Lynx male is currently 9 months old and 12 lbs. He has a gorgeous long tail and is polydactyl all 4 feet. He also has... READ MORE